Curious Experts

We are experts in digital marketing concepts, platforms and technologies and we never stop learning. Our curiosity drives us to explore new developments, tools and features and how we can apply them best to get results for you. We aren’t just happy when something works, we always ask “why”, investigate and test and use our insights to build more success.


Passionate Partners

Our clients are our partners and we are nothing without your success. We dig deep to understand your business model, your brand, your customers and your competition. Our campaigns are part of your company. We make our work as accessible to you as you want – so we can grow together.


Fuelled by Data & Tech

We start with expertise, curiosity and passion and then supercharge it with data and technology. We use a range of tools and automations (some of which we built ourselves) to be as efficient, effective and precise as possible.

Beyond our core team we bring in experts from our large industry network to support on specific channels, technologies and geographies for campaigns and projects.

About Capital C’s founder, Christina 

Christina never gets tired of digital marketing and a lot of her friends and colleagues call her “Mrs. Google”. Before starting Capital C, she spent seven years in leading marketing roles in different start-ups and prior to that worked as an Account Strategist at Google, advising large clients on their campaigns – building a treasure chest of skills and experiences that she shares with her team and that all of our clients benefit from today.

While Google Ads is her “home turf” – Christina has overseen millions of pounds, euros and dollars in ad spend across all other platforms as well and loves to orchestrate strategies and campaigns that use every platform to its best advantage and to achieve the best results.

Being originally from Germany, but having lived in Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Ireland and the UK and speaking quite a few languages, Christina is also your ideal partner if you are looking to explore markets beyond your own.