Account & Campaign Audits


Even if your Google Ads Campaigns are generating amazing results for your business, can you be certain you’ve maximized their potential? Are they costing you more than they should? Or maybe there are opportunities you are yet to take advantage of?

The Google Ads platform changes so frequently, it’s hard to keep up with the latest guidance. You do not know which features should be adapted and in what way. Will increasing your budgets will give you more results? Or result in wasted ad spend? 

This confusion keeps your campaigns from getting the best performance and limits your business growth. You want good results and the confidence that your campaigns are doing the best they can. Our Google Ads Account Audits will give you exactly that.

We will uncover any mistakes and inefficiencies, and find potential for improvement and growth. 


Your Campaign Audit

You will get a presentation with an analysis of your campaign and account structure, keyword coverage, bid strategies and efficiency and ad copy and landing page performance, including explanations of the concepts covered and recommendations and:

  • An opportunity analysis, telling you where you can go in terms of expected results and budgets
  • An action plan for improvements

You will receive this presentation as a slide show and we will take you through it during a 2-hour Zoom call, where you can ask all your questions. 

If this is what your business needs right now, please fill in our request form. In order to estimate the amount of time needed to audit your account we need a bit more information about your account size and budgets. We will then give you an offer for your audit based on your account size and a timeline for when we can do this. 

Audits for Search Only Accounts start from £1000 / 1250€. 

If you want to go ahead after our proposal, we will send you a payment link, a Non-Disclosure Agreement so you can trust us with your data and our T&Cs. We also ask you to fill in short questionnaire to give us some more context about your activities up to date and any specific questions or concerns you might have. 

During the audit we look at:

  • Account and campaign structure
  • Settings and feature adoption
  • Keyword coverage and match type performance
  • Bid strategies and efficiency
  • Ad copy and landing page performance


Some agencies provide account audits for free – why should I pay you for it? 


It is true, a lot of agencies offer free account audits as part of their lead generation and some of them are quite decent. Nevertheless, they are a sales tool and a sales person with a sales objective will take you through the findings. Our only goal in this is improving your marketing performance and empowering you by giving more context on that, because that is what you pay for. 


What time frame does your audit look at?


This always depends: on the advertiser and your seasonality, how long your campaigns have been running, how much / what conversion data exists and how much traffic your campaigns generate.

Typically, we are taking a long term-view (3 months up to a year) on data that helps us understand the structure, e.g. in a match type analysis and a short-term view (30 days) on anything that is related to bidding and impression shares. The intake questionnaire contains questions with regards to this so that we can select the best time frames before we start. 


I also run Google Shopping and Display campaigns. Can you audit those, too?


Of course! Just let us know the specifics in the contact form and we will include these in the proposal. Auditing shopping campaigns includes analyzing your shopping feed and making suggestions for optimization. 


Can you help me implement the proposed changes to bring my campaigns to the state of the art?


Of course, we would be delighted! If this is something you are interested in, you can let us know from the start or when we are discussing the audit’s results. 


Will you refund the audit fee if you cannot find potential for improvement?


If we look at your account and find that you are already in a very good shape and there is not much that we can do for you, we will happily refund your money and send you on your way. 


Do you guarantee the results of your recommendations?


While we have over ten years of experience and a proven track record of running successful campaigns for clients and our own companies, the same experience has also taught us that digital marketing success depends on many factors, a lot of which are beyond our control as consultants, so we cannot guarantee success. But we will do all that we can to achieve it. 


How long will it take until the improvements that you recommend make the audit pay for itself?


This varies from client to client, because the improvement potential and the overall budgets also differ. The higher the budget, the easier it is to save. Improving the match type strategy or the budget allocation or fixing bidding inefficiencies can bring in large savings quickly.

If you are unhappy with the results of your campaigns and you don’t know how to improve them, let us help! Our audit will uncover inefficiencies and opportunities and give you a roadmap for improvement. 

Please tell us a bit more about your company and your Google Ads activities so we can create a proposal for you and let you know by when we can get an audit ready for you.

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    If you do not run any Bing Ads, Display or Shopping campaigns just leave the fields for these blank. We are looking forward to hearing from you and you will hear back from us within 72 hours.